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Oakmont Memorial Park & Mortuary

Preplanning Advantages

The importance of pre-need planning speaks for itself. The peace of mind alone is enough reason to take action. Yet many people put off these decisions. As a result, bereaved family members are often left with little to no instruction and forced to decide for you in selecting your type of burial, placement, and memorialization. This can lead to unnecessary emotional stress during an already stressful time. 


Molly knows that final arrangements are filled with deeply personal and important decisions. She will navigate the choices with you and learn about your specific interests and desires. Working with Oakmont Memorial Park & Mortuary offers everything under one roof. This includes selecting a beautiful and tranquil setting for times of remembrance and the ideal type of funeral service (religious, military, secular, celebration of life) to honor one's life and achievements and the love for family and friends. Preplanning allows you the gift of time to make practical and detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. And by locking in today’s pricing, this will shield your surviving family from the high cost of inflation.


Why Plan Ahead?

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones will not be burdened with funeral decisions during their time of mourning and remembrance. There are many choice points. Burial or cremation? A plot with a hillside view or near a majestic oak tree? Would you like your final resting place to be in-ground, in a niche, an estate, or a mausoleum? With Molly's in-depth knowledge of the serene landscapes and sites available at Oakmont Memorial Park, she will assist you in selecting the ideal location that resonates with your legacy.  


Celebration of Life

Molly, with her wealth of experience and compassionate approach, is dedicated to guiding you meticulously through the preplanning of your funeral service at Oakmont Memorial Park. Whether you're contemplating a time-honored, faith-based funeral or envisaging a unique urn ceremony that incorporates luminaries, symbolic gestures, or other non-traditional elements, Molly is here to ensure that every detail aligns with your vision. Her deep understanding of both tradition and modern approaches provides a comforting touch in these pivotal moments. 



Every individual has unique wishes and financial considerations. Whether you're leaning towards the time-honored tradition of burial or considering the tranquility of cremation, Molly can guide you. The decision between a stately granite bench that stands the test of time or a touching plaque that speaks volumes is made easier with her expertise.The beauty of planning ahead is that you can lock in today's rates so they don't increase tomorrow. Ask Molly about affordable payment options to meet your preplanning budget.

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